This blog is a design blog. It explores creating a more sustainable life using permaculture design.  It’s not just about growing food.

The last month

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For the last month I’ve been working on an organic farm. It’s about time to reflect on how it has been.

Solstice sun mapping part 1

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Solstice might mean all sorts of things to you: nothing, meaningful ritual that you look forward to, an opportunity to reflect. One thing I like to do is stay indoors and take photos of my garden/potential growing space.

Diploma Tutor Guild meeting!

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When doing any course or actually just learning about stuff, it can be really to bounce ideas around with someone else and get/ give support.

Permaculture is no different. But I have found it a challenge to set them up.

{Enjoy autumn} Find someone with an apple press

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Having picked and stored our apples, I then had to find someone with an apple press. Turn out, I found that person in the most unexpected of places.

{Enjoy autumn} Pick and store apples from the garden

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This is the first year I have been around for enough months to be able to pick the apples on the trees, and in so doing, get to know them better.

{100 Cocktails} 8. Persimmon Margarita

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I fell in love with persimmons in Italy.

Well, cachi in Campania to be precise.

It was October 2008, and I was beginning a three month trip volunteering on organic farms in Italy. It was to be an autumn of persimmons, wild mushrooms, saffron, olives, lemons and almonds. Back to persimmons…

It’s not all about blankets and cocktails

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We are also renovating our house in Sweden.

Read more about it here

{Enjoy autumn} Find blankets

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To be precise my aim was to
‘Find soft, warm and colourful woollen blankets’
And boy have I nailed that one. Yes, my friends, I found blankets.

{Enjoy Autumn List} Find blanket: part 1 research

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Last Saturday morning, as the rain was getting heavier and heavier I sunk further down into my bed and underneath the duvet. From my safehouse, I came up with a plan: to make myself a hot chocolate and come back to bed and find a blanket that would make the autumn a little cosier.