My post- Permaculture Design Course breakfast


Some days you need a proper breakfast, one which takes time, with real coffee, and real flowers and real pancakes.  I haven’t had this sort of breakfast for years.   But this is the sort of breakfast that I cook with Naveena, my partner in cooking adventures.  She introduced me to these pancakes, through the lovely blog, Orangette. Orangette wasn’t too good at breakfasts either, and then the pancakes came along.  The pancakes are easy to make and are so good- fluffy, a bit salty and delicious.

I have been staying with Naveena while doing the PDC.  We tried to have the pancakes the second weekend of the course but it didn’t work out.  So this was the breakfast we had after finishing teaching the PDC.  The participants gave me flowers and they are in the background behind the tea pot.


This time, in tune with the seasons we had apples. The apples were gently stewed and placed on the pancakes and drizzled with maple syrup.  Too good.

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