Allotment Sunday

Last Sunday I was up at Beth’s allotment, helping her and her co-allotmenter, Will, get it into shape before the growing season.  This time we were tackling the raspberries.  The place where they are growing at the moment has a lot of bindweed and therefore needs covering with mypex or geo-textile for at least two years.  So the idea was to clear the bed that had some herbs in and then re-plant the raspberries in there.  We ended up choosing this bed instead.

Allotment bed before work

It was longer, higher up the hill, had some mulching material and the rhubarb that was in there could be re-planted.  This is what it looked like before we got to work on it.  Work included: re-cutting the back wall to make the edge clearer, removing old bits of mypex, re-planting the rhubarb and chamomile, re-housing some lizards, extending the bed to include the mound of compost, spreading the compost onto the bed and spreading mulch over the rest of it.

Allotment bed after work with edging and almost ready to plant intoThis is just in a few hours work.  It was really satisfying to get it done, especially to clear the mound of compost.  Yes, it seems like a lot of work but following the principle of the time and energy going into the prep and not into the maintenance, it will pay off.  I did walk away with a good amount of rosemary and I’m looking forward to some fruity rewards.

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