Action Learning Guilds

Wow, instead of having permaculture days, it feels like I am having permaculture months.  I have finally managed to get into some action learning guilds. An Action Learning Guild, is a group of people that come together to talk about their permaculture projects, in particular using the four action learning questions: what is going well, what is challenging, what is the vision and the next steps.  It is set up so an individual will talk without interruption and another member will take notes, with typically a third doing the time keeping.It has taken months and months and months.

Now, I have come to realise the extent to which everyone with their diploma so far is seriously motivated to get this thing done.  No one is out there guide you, not really.  It all has to come from you.  So I tried to get it happening with diploma peeps in London and just wasn’t really feeling it last year, especially as I was planning on moving to Brighton.

Since the move, I have got in touch with lots of people and met lots more from helping out with intros, and finally in February did I manage to have not one but two ALGs outside of the induction days.  I had another one in March, and two more scheduled in April. In the end, I’ve gone for a scatter-gun approach, where I’m now hooked up with two different ALGs, with the aim that I will have quite frequent meetings with people, and even if one falls through I still have the other.

The first group of people who live outside of Brighton has been really successful so far.  The other two have been doing their diploma for a long time, but had sort of got lost, and having the ALGs provided some structure and support that they needed.  The other group is with people living in Brighton, and who are cracking on with their different projects.

It is great to meet up and have the opportunity to talk about the diploma and where we are all at with it.  With the first group, we’ve decided to add a bit to the four questions format, so at the end of the questions we can then give feedback to one person, and have more of an in-depth conversation about the project.  This was really useful as we could support each other and that adds to the sense of community that is developing.I have used each ALG to present one of my projects to keep me on track.  And have had really good feedback about the projects.  So that is really encouraging.  My next ALGs are in early April, so will update then.

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